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Villa Acronati vale un Patrimonio



Villa Arconati is a World Heritage
Doors open and costumed guides in the house that will soon be restored.
To spread awareness of the beauty and history, enhance and raise awareness of the cultural heritage of the area. It’s the goal of "European Heritage Days", which tomorrow and Sunday invite you to visit galleries and monuments all over our continent. Italy, Lombardy and Milan take part in a wide range of events, often free entry (calendar of It will be difficult to choose between visits to the restoration of six eighteenth-Assimpredil (Scale, Arco della Pace, Via Besana Rotanda, Palazzo Clerici, book of and paths in costume d 'era of Palazzo Litta, routes to Galleria d 'Arte Moderna Via Palestro and laboratories of the Museum Martinitt and Bells, the free entry to the Brera and in the evening, the Museum of Science. In the binge’s art, to signal the start of work on restoration of Villa Arconati Castellazzo Bollate: doors open Sunday from 10 to 6 with a festival dedicated to the Unit’s Italy (€ 7 entry, free up to 12 years). Nine thousand square meters, 150 rooms, 12 acres of park land, the villa is a magnificent complex built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, always closed except for concerts and special events. Today in decay, without retouching, however, retains the original structure and decorations, sumptuous stucco and frescoes, including the saloon d 'honor on the first floor Galliari painted by the brothers, designers of the scale in the eighteenth century. The beginning of restoration, taken from the property (Palladium Group and Rancilio Foundation) with the Region of Lombardy, a historic day, because if Villa Arconati back to life can really be a tourist attraction and cultural one. The Versailles of Milan, as well as in the past called aristocrats and intellectuals across Europe. While waiting for the dream come true, you go on a field trip Sunday to boil. The rooms come alive with costumed characters, the cook, the painter, Hayez Pellegrino Artusi, to accompany guests on a guided tour.  Paths are organized in the gardens by foot or in carriages, while the courts and fields will be held for picnics, flea markets, concerts, dances and shows, including "The Shirts of Garibaldi" Teatro del Burattto.  Clare Vanzetto RESERVED REPRODUCTION **** You have the choice of Sumptuous Gli affreschi in the Hall of Galliari brothers' honor of Villa Arconati. The house (150 rooms) without retouching also conserves precious original stucco decorations of the Peace Arch Port Napoleon is one of the restored monuments to be visited by booking on Assimpredil www.milanoneicantieridell '


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